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Charm and Clay

Sunflower Transfer Paper

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Polymer Clay Transfer Sheets/Papers

*SIZE: Approximately 5.5 inches x 4.25 inches

Before using the transfer papers, please read the instructions carefully to avoid distorting or losing the design on clay. Follow the steps below to ensure that the design is well transferred onto the clay.
1. Condition your clay and roll it onto a tile surface.
2. Ensure that the clay is well-stuck to the tile using an acrylic roller.
3. Place the transfer paper with the colored/printed side on the clay slab.
4. Roll over the transfer paper gently with your acrylic roller to ensure that the paper is completely stuck to the clay and there are no air bubbles or corners lifting.
5. Dissolving the Paper:
Take your tile with the clay slab and hold it under running water. The paper will begin to dissolve, and you can gently rub the remaining paper away using your fingers until you achieve a smooth texture. Do not apply too much pressure because this can distort the design.
Let the clay slab dry before cutting it. Do not cure the clay until it is fully dry.
After the clay slab is dry, cut and bake it as usual. Please note that the colors may slightly change during baking. We recommend using white or light-colored clay for the most accurate colors and best results.
6. Sealing the Design:
We recommend sealing your finished piece with resin for a shiny finish or any matte sealant for a matte finish. Sealing your piece will increase the durability of the transferred design.

*If you have any questions about sizing or how to use your transfer sheets, please contact us*

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