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Charm and Clay

The Hailey

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 These new designs bring to you the original wolf and fox necklaces you love with a twist!

The chain is also adjustable

These are the coolest couples or BFF gifts ever. Every line has been meticulously cut by hand to fit together perfectly. We also engrave them after that to show the fine detail in each animal.

Feel free to message with questions anytime!

MY PROCESS: Each piece is completely handmade by me per order. I don't use molds or wax castings so my process takes a bit longer. Depending on the item you are ordering it is either pierced by hand (sawed) or hammered, forged, melted and shaped into what you receive using my own two hands. The tools I use are a myriad of hammers, an anvil, a few saws, a torch, files, and stamps, to name a few. I put a lot of time and love into each piece and hope you love them as much as I do